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Deals with the devil….

It’s A Trap!!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love movies!!! One of the genres I enjoy is animated films. I know, I know, “I am an adult who enjoys animated movies.” And I DO! I’m not ashamed!

I was visiting a good friend and lover of animated films ( see I’m not alone) and we watched Shrek.  In this particular Shrek movie, we find Shrek at a birthday celebration. It is later revealed that it was for him and he was presented with a cake as everyone serenaded him. At the same time, Shrek began to feel overwhelmed with all of the attention and commotion around him. After he explodes from hitting his boiling point, he roars and storms out. This frightened everyone who cane to celebrate him.Shrek starts to think of how things were in the past, where  everyone feared him ,which resulted in his isolation and ultimate peace. In his moment of weakness, Rumplestiltskin  slithers onto the scene. He starts to convince him to make a deal where all his desires can come true. He obviously takes advantage of Shrek’s despair and desperation. Sounds like a character we all know too well! Unbeknownst to Shrek, Rumplestiltskin hatches a plan to deceive him. What Shrek thought was an innocent desire or wish was actually a trick of the enemy to take what he really wanted to benefit himself. Does this scenario sound familiar? Has this ever happened to you? Has someone ever intentionally lied or deceived you? Has that someone ever been the devil himself?You have a moment of weakness and  at that exact moment ,the enemy comes knocking. Depending on our level of strength at that time of attack, we either resist the devil or entertain him. How easily do we all fall into making deals with the devil?? Very Easy? Not at all?

Before you go into saying that this is not you or you can’t relate, consider what making deals with the devil really means and looks like in this day and age. Some people expect it to be a man with red skin, horns and a tail with a written contract. Absolutely not but…( I suppose we have the television and film industry to blame for that). The scheme is way more subtle. Anything or anyone that makes you give into the temptation of sin is making a deal with the devil. Of course, this deal may appear to be small and innocent at first but snowballs over time. Pretty soon, what the devil needed to trick you into,becomes where you feel most comfortable. Wheewwwww, now that’s scary!!!

All the deals the devil has to offer are:

  • Greed💰

  • Envy🐍

  • Pride🪞

  • Gluttony 🍽

  • Lust 💔

  • Sloth 🦥

  • Wrath 🤬

Remember that anytime we agree to sin, we are signing a contract and making a deal with the devil. As God’s people, we only should be in business with the one whose plans are not to deceive us and lie to us. The  word cautions us…”What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”(Mark‬ ‭8:36‬ ‭NIV‬) It’s no good at all. Stick with God and watch the best deals for your life take place right before your eyes.

You are reading this for a reason. Pray the prayer with me:

Lord , I surrender all to you. I trust you to make the best decisions on my behalf. Forgive me if I have tried to go around your plan and make it my own. Forgive me if I make deals or plans that are outside your will for me. Not my will but your will, Father. Lord, I admit that I have sinned and made mistakes that have gotten me nowhere fast. I admit giving into sin not once but many times. I come to you with all my hopes, dreams and goals. Do with them what you will.  I move out of the way. I move out of the way and invite you to take over. Thank you for your sacrifice, mercy and grace. Thank you for fighting my battles and I claim victory over all things. Give me peace, strength and a heart that is set on you. In Jesus Name,


Thank you for reading!!

God bless you! Stay Encouraged & Let

God Fill in Your Blank.


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