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It All Belongs to God

It never occurred to me that everything I have is being loaned to me. I don’t own a thing that I have, even if I do. Mind blown, intrigued and confused???? Well allow me to break it down. This took me a minute to process and fully understand.

All of us were created by God and saved by Christ. This means were given our very lives and all that we have from Him. Our only job is to serve in His name. The things we were given are the tools that make it possible to do the job we have been called to do. What we have are loans given from God. These loans provide us with the tools we need right now ,with the expectation that it will be returned, most times with interest.

You may have a big house, exciting job, healthy body, loving and supportive family, gifted in singing, dancing, fashion, writing, drawing and so on. God didn’t just give you those abilities and blessings for nothing. He loaned them to you for you to produce something great and give him the glory for it. It all belongs to God.

The Bible talks about the parable of three people being loaned gifts of monetary value with the expectation of growing or increasing it to return later. The first two people did just that. They found ways to enlarge the amount given. The last person buried the loan and did nothing to expand its value. (Matthew 15:14) Which person describes you? What are you doing with what God loaned to you? Are you telling people about God at work? Are you inviting people over to your lovely house and sharing the Word of God? Are you writing or singing songs that praise Him? Are you inviting friends and family to church to learn about Christ?

There will come a time where we all will have to stand before God and give an account for what we have produced. I don’t know about you but I want to hear those precious words, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. ( Matthew 25:21)

The good news is that you still have time to do something with what God gave you. God is waiting for you. When you make a move to use what he gave you, God will  make a double reward for you to enjoy.

Thank you for reading!!

Stay Encouraged & Let God Fill in Your Blank. What will you do with what you have been loaned? If this was a blessing to you, please don’t forget to..


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