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How many of you can recognize these sayings?

“Hustle Hard”- Ace Hood

“Money Over Everything”

“Cash Rules Everything Around Me” or “CREAM”- Wu Tang Clan

“Thing may comes to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle”. – Abraham Lincoln

“Sleep when you are dead”

“Your hustle determines your salary” -Rick Ross

Everyday I’m Hustlin’- Rick Ross

& the list goes on and on, literally!

It is amazing to me the amount of things you learn from this world that you later realize is untrue. I can remember listening to countless motivational videos and music videos from celebrities who seemed to have built a successful empire. When asked how they had accomplished their wealth, the words hustle and grind are mentioned. I’ve heard many that preach this same idea over and over again. Everywhere you look, it is there. This even had me hooked on equating success to that “team of ME” mindset. As if I can take all the credit for me being in the place that I am in today. I am not saying that you should shy away from working hard, developing discipline and a consistent work ethic. However, I am saying that your success does not rise and fall on YOU and your ABILITIES. No matter where you are and which bracket you are in, it had nothing to do with you and everything to do with God and his plan for your life.

If you have been blessed and elevated to a new level but you credit your hustle and grind more than anything else, then you are not truly living out your purpose! Have you ever worked in a group or with a partner, whether in school, relationships, or business? You had this bright idea and decided to bring it to that group of people or person, and someone turns around and takes credit for your idea. They even parade around and enjoy the success without giving you so much as a shout out or second thought. I would like to think that is how God feels when he creates each of us for a divine purpose. The moment he blesses us, we take it and run with it and forget all about him. When we have the audacity to push hustle and all we have done instead of use that platform to glorify him, we rob him and commit plagiarism. We did not write the plan, storyline or even the blueprint of the lives we are living.

I get it! The world would have you to believe that God had not part in the journey we are all experiencing! They are very convincing. We have to break up with that idea and soon. The truth is, God is there, in the midst of it all and will continue to be. So the next time you hear or have the opportunity to share how you are where you are, just tell them, No Hustle, All Flow from the one and only God who provides, promotes and sustains.

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