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Still In The Blessing Business!!!

It is on days like this that I am reminded that God is still in the blessing business. It’s not that I ever forget that he delivers big blessings, because I know he does. Having those reminders unfold right before your eyes are all that you need sometimes, even if it not happening directly to you. Aint Nothing wrong with a good ol indirect blessing!!!! Half of the time, those are the type of blessings that ignite a fire that renews your faith and push you to keep going.

So until this blogging ministry generates income ( and it’s going to happen one day soon), I now work as a mental health counselor. The job has its share of challenges and rewards. Allow me to highlight a recent blessing that God allowed me to witness that was One of my clients, is a hardworking single mother. She does everything to take care of her family. Unfortunately , she has been experiencing homelessness for the past two months that happened shortly after the hurricane season hit Florida.About every couple of days, she and her family would have to move from one hotel to another,not knowing for sure where they would lay their heads and if it would be safe.

I watched each  session as she went from hopeful to hopeless, navigating the uncertainty of when things would get better. She would complete an application at this place and that place. It would either be if was out of her budget ,or she would get denied. It seemed for awhile that things just were not changing. Soon the hotel and transportation-fees drained her and became a financial strain. Her children could no longer go to school because she had no way to get them there and the hotel was out of school zone area. You could see that her light would get dimmer and dimmer at each rejecting turn. She got used to hearing “No”. But she kept going, even on the days where she wanted to give up. She still had a tiny bit of fight left in her. I would take every opportunity to encourage her and speak life into a “dead-looking circumstance”. You could tell she was receiving it but also not ignoring that she could not yet see the evidence of what she so hoped for. She went through another application process like she did all of the other times and just didn’t know what to expect this time. She thought, “would this be a dead end too”? The process seemed to drag on for weeks with more and documents required and papers that needed signing.She decided to act as if she already had gotten the blessing and went to get a Uhaul truck and take some things out of storage and put them in to prepare for the move that was coming. Just when her “remaining-mustard-seed-sized-faith” started to waiver, she got the call to sign papers and was handed her the keys to new 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment.The mother had the biggest smile and her praise was contagious. The woman that worked for the apartment said as we were leaving, “ I fought hard for you because I was in your shoes once before”..Whewwwwww, God is still in the blessing business. In minutes, my client's joy and faith had been fully restored. She called just about everyone she could and shared the good news! I was reminded of just how good God is in my life and the life of others.

This message was for you! You have been going through a tough season of your life. You feel like quitting. I know you are wondering if God still hears your prayers. I’m here to tell you He does. He is working right now on your blessing. It won’t arrive when you want it to.  It’s going to arrive right on (God’s)time. Sometimes the rejection we experience is actually protection and preparation for the real blessing.Stay strong and keep holding on to the faith. God will turn your dry season into an overflowing season. You are so close to your breakthrough. Good did not bring you this far for nothing. Get ready to see your circumstances change.

Thank you for reading!!

Stay Encouraged & Let God Fill in Your Blank. How has God showed you that he is still in the blessing business?? Share with us so we all can be encouraged! God bless you!


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