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Straddling the Fence

I heard the most convicting story from a clip on this podcast I saw on Instagram. I love how you can just be minding your business and Jesus will send a message through to you. That message usually puts a fire underneath you that puts you in a position to do or see things from Gods perspective. One of the guys in the podcast talked about was a beautiful garden that had a gate in the middle that separated one side from the other. Each side represented a choice. On one side of the fence, there was heaven and living with God and the opposing side of the fence was for those who choose to live for the worldly pleasures and choose Satan ways of life. There was a person sitting on the fence who had not committed to either side. God was speaking to the person on the fence, “Come with me, join me”. Satan responds did by saying, “He is with me”. The person reposnds to God that I know I did not choose your side but I also did  it choose the opposing side with Satan either. Satan reponds, the gate is mine. By not choosing at all, the choice has already been decided.

Not sure who this is for and who you are but I want to warn you to not straddle the fence. There is no middle or neutral place for choosing God or Satan. It can only be one or the other. If you haven’t decided yet, please do before it’s too late.

Choosing Satan....

Satan will provide you with every(THING) you with ever wanted with no consideration or care with how it can and will destroy you. Whther that is money, sex, drugs, fame, revenge….. you will be given u limited access to these things that will cause you to experience hell on Earth as well as seal your fate for hell. Recall the scripture, James 1:15! It warns us  that, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin, and sin, when it is full grown, gives birth to death.

Choosing Christ.....

Choosing Christ, will provide you  with true peace that comes with the one and only God that really  cares the most about what happens to you. You will get all the desires of your heart according to God’s loving will for each and every one of us. Like a loving parent, the things he will allow you to have will be the  things that promote you into becoming the best version of yourself. Expect to be set free from the things that hold you in bondage or sin such as ( money, sex, drugs, fame, revenge, etc) ,when you choose Gods way.  This is confirmed in Jeremiah 29:11, which rewards, For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Straddling then Fence......

Some of us fall into this category because we have trouble committing to either option. However, you should know that Not choosing  is a choice that ultimately leads back to ruin and the same fate as choosing Satan. Being undecided doesn’t safeguard you. Imagine that you have sacrificed your life for your child. That same child that you sacrificed for is given a choice to choose to have a life with ypu and they simply don’t say yes to that option. How would you feel? Now think how God feels? God wants to be our first and only option.

Say this prayer with me!

Heavenly Father,

I admit that I have been straddling the fence when it comes to choosing you. I admit that I have put lots of things and people before you only to disappointed. I find that I am struggling to make clear choice because of my past or present pain. I’ve been through so much and sometimes it’s hard for me to be open to you because of it. Lord I pray you help me off that fence and over to you so that I can know what it truly means to live a life of freedom, meaning and purpose. In Jesus name,


Gove yourself a pat on the back, you have taken the first step to getting off that fence. You should be proud of yourself. Each step you make is a choice that gets closer to God and on to living the life you have only dream about. Your journey to more starts now!!!

Thank you for reading!!

Stay Encouraged & Let God Fill in Your Blank.


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