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This IS going to be YOUR YEAR!!

5.. 4… 3.. 2. 1. Happy New Year!!!! …. Well, Almost. I see you are ready, I was just checking!!! That time of the year is here again. I always get excited around this time of year because I feel like it is a chance to start fresh or get a do- over. Out with the old and in with the new. The possibilities are endless.

We have less than 72 hours left in this year That 365 went by extremely fast. As we are gearing up to say good bye to 2022 and hello to 2023,  we should reflect over the year and all that God has done. We have all had peaks and valleys, defeat and  victories. But we are still here!! The year may be coming to an end but God is not done. The breath circulating in your lungs is confirmation of this.

God has been good and I know I can expect the same for the new year. God has got so much in store for you. Get ready for good news and favorable reports this year. Prepare for the things you have been praying for to be right before your eyes. The doors that were closed are going to be opened this year. Your losses will be gains this year! Someone may be waiting on an answer from God but your wait is about to come to an end. This year is going to be your year!!

Signs this is going to your year

-You are in an isolation period

-You are closer than you have ever been to God

-You have been applying faith and works for a long time

-You have been praying/ fasting long and hard

-You are going through an identity transformation in Christ/ you

/others find it hard to recognize you

-You are having vivid/ prophetic dreams about things that have not happened

-You are at the brink of giving up but still have a little bit of fight left in you

-You have been battling spiritual warfare and having sleepless nights

Any of this sound familiar?You are not reading this by mistake! God is speaking right at this very moment. God is not done with you and is getting ready to blow your mind. So my homework assignment for you is to LET HIM! This is going to be your year. CLAIM IT!

Thank you for reading.Have a great new year! Stay encouraged.Don’t forget to LIKE.COMMENT.SHARE this with others who need this message.

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