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You’re celebrating Christmas NOT [CHRIST]MAS..

The time of the year has come where we are all filled with Christmas cheer. We’ve got the tree up and decorated and the stockings hung. There’s candy canes, cookies left out for Santa and we can’t forget the presents!!!  You have got all these things but, there is still something missing…..perhaps the most important!!! It's the reason for this entire season. CHRIST. It is all about HIM. I think we can all admit that the true reason for this holiday can get quite lost or buried underneath all of the other ways we go about celebrating this special time of the year.

CHRISTmas is the day of our Lord and saviors birth. Without Him, there would be no you or me. Think of it as the greatest feel good story of all time, where there is a happy ending and good guy saves the day and generation.

Mary and Joseph were engaged to be married. The only thing was Mary had never been with a man, was a virgin and was pregnant. Whattt?? Howww??Mary had some good explaining to do. Mary told Joseph she was filled with the Holy Spirit and began pregnant. Joseph wasn’t too convinced and was left feeling embarrassed. I can’t lie, like Joseph, I too would have been looking for a way out of this red-flag-looking situation. God  had to do something and quick to make sure the plan stayed on track. So God came to Joseph in a dream and revealed to him that the baby ,Mary was carrying, was Spirit conceived and to move forward with marrying her. Joseph was told of the child’s true nature and the grand purpose that would be completed through the child: salvation. Joseph woke up from the dream followed God’s instructions. The baby was named JESUS. Jesus  was born on a starry night in a manager, wrapped in cloth. The wisemen were there with luxurious gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. A proper arrival for a King. Name a birthday more iconic that that? I’ll wait…

But seriously, we all have responsibility to keep this story alive. This is what set the tone for all of us to be born and have the life we are able to live. This season isn’t about stuff, gifts, being off work/vacation, trees, Santa, or whatever else we have made it. I’m not saying we can’t enjoy those things but it shouldn’t be the focus of this season. Lets highlight the truth that will be a gift to others for today and generations to come. Lets put the CHRIST back into CHRISTmas! As Christians, it’s time we either start or get back to traditions that leave a legacy of Jesus Christ’s teachings and principles. Have a Merry CHRISTmas and blessings to you and your family!!!

Be sure to check out the full CHRISTMAS story by reading the Bible: Matthew 1:18-Mathew 2:23 & Luke 1:26-Luke 2:20

Thanks for reading. Share this with someone this holiday season. Stay encouraged. Continue to discover, accept and chase your purpose.

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