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Who We Are

imlivingforblank Mission: To connect people to God and one another by discovering their God given purpose and calling in life.


imlivingforblank Vision: To help the community explore and discover a fulfilling life utilizing the word of God.


Patrice Moore Louis has worked as mental health professional with experience in helping at risk youth and families in the school, home and community settings.Patrice has also spent most her life serving in the church where she managed the nursery ministry department. It is with this experience that she has gained a passion for helping those in need. Patrice has worked with client’s who struggle with feeling of worthlessness, doubt, shame and seeing that their life is not worth living. It became clear that mental health and spiritual health have a deep connection. It was here that ILFB was born. With this discovery and lived experience , Patrice plans to lead a movement of people to God  that desire and lead a life that is more fulfilling, purpose driven, and is pleasing to the kingdom of God. 



ILFB is a platform that leads others to seek and find their purpose. We seek to educate, encourage and empower all towards taking a step to change their lives and others.

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