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X Marks the Spot

God has you exactly where he wants you!! Nothing you have been through is by accident. Not this season, this battle, challenge, hardship, or victory! Whether you are up or down right now, this is exactly where you should be!

So often, I have asked why this and why that happened. I asked God why I had to go through the pain of having a miscarriage. I asked God why this person left and walked out of my life. Quite frankly, I even had the audacity to ask God, WHY ME!!!

I hear God saying to you reading this: you are asking and wondering why this has happened but perhaps you are not asking the right question. Maybe you don’t have the right perspective. I need all that has and is happening to you to take place so you can get in the perfect spot. This spot will be the place I will change and transform you for the better. You don’t see it but He does!

The” X “you are standing on might appear to be nothing but with God, everything is something! Whether you are in the midst of an eXample, eXperience, eXclusion or eXcitement....Embrace where God has you and await the next spot he has planned for you. Your next move will be your best move.

God Bless you, Yes YOU!! Continue to discover, accept, and chase your purpose!!!

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