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11 Roadblocks to Purpose

  • Habits- what do you do each day that hinders or promotes what you have been called to do? Do you manage your time well or does social media do that for you?

  • Attitude- Are you positive or negative? Do you view the world with optimism or pessimism?

  • Doubt- Can’t seem to make a move because you are not sure? What makes you unsure?

  • Comparison- Are you too busy looking at someone else that is currently following their purpose wishing it was you?

  • Emotions- Are your feelings getting in the way? Is what you are feeling causing you to fall into a black hole that takes days to get out. Feel them. Move on and change the channel.

  • Fear- What scares you? Could this be holding you back? Absolutely. Fear feeds off of the attention and power you give it. Challenge those fears!

  • Intention- What are you hoping for? Are you considering making a move and what do you hope to gain? Fame, Recognition? Money? I have heard it said that how you anything is how you do everything. I would add why you pursue things or paths is why you were chosen by God.

  • Pride- Do you think that you are where you are because of what you did? Why is that? You are where you are right now because of no one else, yourself included. God is the only reason you got the promotion, the husband/wife, child, house, and your calling. He chose you. Acknowledge Him.

  • Past- Have you been hurt or failed at something before? Do you think that your present will be a repeat of the past? You will never know if you don’t try.

  • Approval- If you are waiting for others to praise you for stepping out on faith. You could be waiting for a long time. The only person that matters to please are receive approval from is God. Does he approve of what you are doing or are not doing?

  • Control- Do you find that you are trying to plan out every detail. Is your agenda filled with dates and appointments? Do you lose it when things don’t go according to planned? You are not in control but you do get to participate in the process. Get comfortable with not calling to shots. You are being led and guided by the ultimate shot caller.

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