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Who Are You Talking To?

What do you think of when you hear this question? For me this question has multiple meanings or interpretations. For some of use, this was often asked by our parents who were trying to get an understanding ( whether you lost your mind or not) and what follows isn’t pretty! It can be clarification, correction, caution or warning and the list goes on. How this question is asked ,can also further make this to be taken a certain way. What if this applied to our daily lives as people of faith? What if I asked you the question. Who are you talking to? This could include coworkers, neighbors, friends and family. What if the very person you are talking to is the enemy? And even worse, what if the enemy is taking back to you. This sounds kind of scary and spooky but it happens seamlessly in each our lives daily. Those intrusive thoughts, negative coworkers, jealous or envious friends and family could be wrong people to talk to or listen to. Y’all remember our good sis, Eve? (Genesis 2 &3) Well ,she started the trend of misplaced trust and conversation. Our homeboy, Samson( Judges 16) also fell prey to pillow talking to the wrong person. That person you are sharing your struggles, frustrations, pain and exposing your insecurities could actually be the enemy, sitting back taking notes on how to destroy you!!! Don’t give the enemy the cheat codes or the study guide to your life! I hear you saying well, How do I know if I am talking to the enemy? ( you know! That gut feeling also known as discernment and intuition always tells you) But here are signs that you could be talking with the enemy: -Gut -Dreams/ Visions -Feelings or bad vibes -Manipulation -Passive Aggressive -Intentional unwise advice -Verbal Putdowns -Lack of support -Negative Thoughts..... It is important to know that people like this that have these behaviors can range from obvious to very subtle. So keep an eye out for these red flags. Life is too hard already and we have to stop letting the enemy in and have full access to us. Sometimes the enemy could also be your “inner me”, or you so be on the lookout for that as well!! I think we all have had our very own Samson (for my fellas) and Eve ( for my ladies) moments. Feel free to share so we can all be encouraged to learn from these experiences. Continue to discover, accept and chase purpose. God bless you, yes YOU!

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