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Buried Treasures: Stop Hiding Your Gifts

I was listening to a sermon recently that my Bible plan confirmed! The message pieced my heart so deeply that I knew that God was sending it directly to me. Has that ever happened to you? Well this isn’t my first rodeo with God and his nudging and perfectly timed messages.

I have always loved to watch movies and stories about fantasy and fiction. My eyes would just light up learning about treasures being buried deep in this faraway land. Of course there would always be someone that would be trying to get their hands on that treasure, which usually involved an adventure of epic proportions. What if I told you that God has a treasure for each of us? Quite the contrary, this treasure is not meant to be buried. In fact, that goes against God’s very design of our unique talents and treasures. Yet so many of us are are hiding the gifts and treasures right now that God has commanded us to share.. Yep, it just got real!!

If you are still reading this, God sent me to tell you, “Stop hiding YOUR GIFTS”. I am not sure if it is doubt, fear, anxiety, stress, loss, or the past that is the cause but your purpose needs you. Mathew 25:14-18 ( please read for context) talks about gifts being buried and not used and how God is not pleased with this. In all transparency, I experienced this in creating this blog. I thought about how I would be perceived, judged, and criticized. I tried my best to put it aside and continue with what I thought best allowed me to stay attached to the life I already had and become

accustom to. In comes, God nudging me a few times, reminding me what he had for me. I tried to keep my treasure of encouragement, speaking and ministry hidden. Thanks to Gods persistence and nonstop dedication to my purpose, I got a shovel and dug up that hidden treasure!!!

This is for you! It’s time to go get that divine gift you’ve been hiding. The world needs to see it. Put that THANG ON DISPLAY! You and your gift are LIMITED EDITION. Let’s get this treasure and get to work for the KINGDOM OF GOD!!

Continue to discover, accept and chase purpose. Don’t forget to SHARE, LIKE, & COMMENT. God bless you, YES YOU!

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