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There it is! Yep, I said it! It has nothing to do with the elementary roles that we like to instantly think of such as gender roles, job roles or societal roles. That does not apply here. When you think of it, those things are sort of forcefully pushed down our throats which makes it difficult for us to accept anything that challenges them. I am speaking of the role that God has each of us play in his master plan.

As a kid, I was raised in the church and this meant that any play or production that was being produced, I just had to be apart of. There were no, ifs and or buts about it. My grandmother didn’t play. I recall being casted as an angel and my brother as ambitious as he was, he got the part as Jesus, don’t ask me how. No really, I don’t know how he got it. He didn’t exactly give me Denzel Washington acting vibes. Clearly, I’m still not over it. But I digress. I also remember being enrolled in an acting camp. The play production was Dr. Doolittle and I got two parts: old lady and baby cub. Not quite sure how I landed both gigs either. In both plays each child received a part to play. Whether it was the main role or a background role, everyone received their part that they were responsible for playing. Absolutely no one was without something, that they were assigned to do.

Upon reflecting on this extremely basic principle and spending time reading about Moses, I realized there was a deep connection. In the story of Moses, everything and everyone has a part to play in God’s master plan. This master plan intertwined many different roles that were given all to different people or creation to complete the same goal or assignment. Check this out! Here is the cast:

  • God- director, producer, choreographer and set and stage manager

  • Israelites- (cause) Hebrew people being oppressed

  • Moses- lead role, protagonist, lead the Hebrew out of slavery and into freedom

  • Aaron- understudy; who we don’t meet until a little later, supportive aid to Moses

  • Moses mother- hid Moses, give him up by way of the Nile in response to the King’s call to execute all Hebrew baby boys

  • King/Pharaoh – antagonist, oppressor of Israelites, coming up with ways to wipe out the Hebrew race

  • Shiphrah – her decline of the Kings request, along with the other midwife ensure the very survival of baby Moses

  • Puah- her decline of the Kings request, along with the other midwife, ensured the very survival of baby Moses

  • Nile River- (creatures within the river)- prime setting and location, ensured baby Moses made it safely and was found by Egyptians, symbol for life and death

  • Pharoah's daughter- taking pity on baby Moses and choosing to raise him as her own

  • Pharaoh's daughter’s attendant - find the baby Moses in the Nile River, be responsible the baby received nursing to survive

  • Breastfeeding Woman- nurse baby Moses and provide the nutrient necessary for Moses to grow healthy and strong

  • Hebrew 1- being beaten by Egyptian and saved by Moses , foreshadowing for what Moses would later do with all the Hebrew people, motivators behind Moses’s cause and purpose

  • Egyptian 1- beat Hebrew 1, being killed by Moses as a result, motivator behind for Moses cause and purpose

  • Hebrew 2- God speaking through them, confronting Moses for the crime he committed, after being convicted Moses fled to a foreign land

  • Hebrew 3- God speaking through them, confronting Moses for the crime he committed, after being convicted Moses fled to a foreign land

  • Midian- the foreign land where Moses fled after an assassination attempt on his life.

  • Zipporah- wife in foreign land, it is through her that Moses becomes a shepherd putting him in the right place at the right time

  • Reuel- Midian priest, father of Zipporah, provided hospitality to Moses, later offered daughter in marriage as well as job as shepherd.

  • Burning Bush- burn and allow God to speak and call Moses’s name, (tool for communication)

Huge cast, I know ,right! it was all apart of the design. All of these roles and key players were crucial. So many had major and minor parts in the grand master plan which was to free people that had been oppressed for generations. The common goal always was freedom. Without everyone doing their part, this plan would have went a lot different. Apply this same concept to your own personal life and journey that you may or may not know you are on. What roles do you recognize are being assigned to ensure you accomplish God plan for you? It can come in the form of a challenging event or decision you have to make. It can be things that you have experienced first hand or second hand. What are those major or minor moments that have altered the course of your life? What about those people that were or were not involved? Write that than out if you have to! It could be a moment that you are or are not proud of. Notice that all of thing happened on Moses’s journey to his purpose and God still used him. Notice all the players and events that were in perfect position for Gods plan to unfold. God wants to do the same with each of us. The question is: Will you allow him? What part are you willing to playing?

Continue to discover, accept and chase your purpose. God bless you! Yes you!

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