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Expense vs Free: Which Will You Choose?

You ‘ve gotten that email about a free class, church and school giving out free food and other free resources. For some reason, you have scrolled right past the message and landed of another advertisement that required you to purchase something that was not free. This somehow sparked your interest. Why? There is an unspoken rule that make us value things that have a value. In other words, free things are viewed as having little to no value (otherwise why else would it be free) than what we actually put a price on and pay for. Some of us believe that you get what you pay for and if you paid nothing you wont get anything out of it. I wonder how much of this ideology applies to the spiritual realm

Why do we tend to place more value in the things we pay for than the things that are free? Whenever free is involved, it seems that we, as people, treat it as less than or unimportant. If anything free is offered, it is taken for granted but something that has a cost we cherish and hold sacred. Let’s just say you are offered a free service and a paid service, you are more likely to pay full attention to the service that requires a payment from you. I don’t want to go into why, I would like to explore how it could be even more beneficial to consider all that the free service offers you as well.

Jesus is free! The world is expensive! When we carry the free is equal to no value and expense is equal to value perspective, we inherently choose the world by default. It costs is nothing to believe in God and live for him. As a matter of fact, it was Jesus who paid the highest price! Think of the most expensive thing you own or wish to own! It still wouldn’t amount to the price that Jesus paid for all of our sins! It is because of his love that we are all here, whether you believe in him or not! I don’t know about you, but that is cause for CELEBRATION!!!!

I’m not sure what free opportunity you have been turning down. It could be choosing to accept and follow Jesus, a training course that would be beneficial to our career or business, food, clothes, any kind of help, etc. Take advantage of the free things in your life. It cost nothing to be happy, have joy, be at peace, and show gratitude for the life you have. You have to make the choice to do it. God wants to know you and he wants you to know him. This is no membership fee or cost associated. It would be the best decision of your life. We must change the way we view what or who has value and does not have value. Perhaps once we do this, we can begin to tap into this free life that God wants us to have.

God Bless you, Yes you!!! Continue to discover, accept, and chase your purpose!

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