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The Power of TESTIMONY

What is a testimony???

When is the last time you shared a personal story or experience that felt like it was meant to destroy you but instead you got through it??? Well if you have or haven’t, this is exactly what a TESTIMONY is. Your testimony can be the key to someone else’s struggle and upcoming breakthrough. It is what unites us into a deep understanding that we are not alone. In fact. They have the power to changes lives both, starting with you and onto to other people. Some of us are going through the exact same or similar circumstances.

How do I know if I have a testimony?

If you have endured a trying, difficult or challenging season, then you most definitely have one. The pain, message and test that you have gone through is apart of it. God takes pain and turns it into a purpose and passion, mess is morphed into a message and out test is what becomes our testimony. If you have experienced any adversity at all in your life, you have a story to tell.

Why should I share my testimony?

Trust me, I know being vulnerable can be sooooo scary and uncomfortable. I consider myself a private person but I have realized that opening up and sharing promotes healing for self and others. I heard someone once say if you can talk about it then you take away the fear or shame that can keep you bound and unable to move forward. We are walking billboards for Christ! The only way for us to truly help people is to share how God has helped us. When you think of it we owe it to him!

Who, How, & When should I tell my testimony?

You will know the right time, people, and place. God will provide the nudge telling you when it is safe to share. Whether it is to a church member, friend, relative, or coworker, when the opportunity comes, TAKE IT! I like it to call it bragging on God”. The peace and satisfaction that comes from sharing what you went through and impacting another is unlike any drug or high!

There is power in your testimony. Each of us has a story that is meant to be told. Think back to a time where you were in a dark season or a sticky situation and God made a way out. Someone needs to hear about it. Ask God to show you who and when to share with. There is great healing in letting the truth out and being set free.

GOD bless you, YES YOU!! Continue to discover, accept, and chase your purpose!!!

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