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"Genie in a Bottle Syndrome"

Have you ever treated God like a genie? You know what I mean, you come to him only when you need something. You say things like: "I need a blessing!" (*rubs magic lamp*).... "I need this health screening to come back negative." (*rubs magic lamp)*, I need to get picked for this job or promotion or I need a house or car (*rubs magic lamp again*). You get the picture.. the list could go on. You say and do all the right things long enough for what we ask to arrive. The movie classic Aladdin comes to mind as I type this! HA!! Why do we do this? Where does this come from? How can we change this? What about what God wants to needs from you?

As humans, we have desires. Those desires can be positive and negative. Or should I say motivated by God or the world. Let’s take material things for instance, we don’t need a house, we want a house! Some of us take things such as these into prayer to ask God for them. There is nothing wrong with doing that. However there is something wrong with this being the only time where you pray to God. Operating this way is very one sided. Going before God always having your hand out due to something you desire is nothing more than a transaction. Not much of a relationship, which is what God truly wants for us.

Here are signs that you suffer from this genie in a bottle syndrome:

-you desire receive more than you give

-you struggle to wait for the things you pray or ask for

-you throw a tantrum when your request is pending or taking too long

-you talk more than you listen

-you have a sense of self entitlement

-you have selfish habits or perceive that things or situations are all about you

Don’t feel bad or be too hard on yourself! If you are resign this a feel convicted than this message is for you. The good news is that you have now recognized the problem and here is the solution: God! I know it sounds easy but it’s not at all. Admit that this is something that you are struggling with and ask Him to help you get to know him on a more personal level. Be open! By doing this, you will be begin to see and experience just how powerful he is! This power is way more magical and awesome than a genie could ever possess.

Many of us have seen many of the movies like Aladdin and how they end. If not check it out. It leaves with the message of appreciating what you have and don't have. Gratitude and authenticity cannot be brought. As a matter of fact, God gives us these things for free. Lets do better now that we know better. Genie is a knock off compared to God.

Continue to discover, accept and chase your purpose.

God bless you, YES YOU!

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