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How Do I Find Purpose?

If you are like me I questioned what purpose is and even doubted if I had one. Purpose is something that you often hear about and we often strive for. But how does you find your purpose?

You don’t find your purpose, it finds you. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true. In fact, your past and present experiences are leading closer to your purpose. Even at this very moment, you are a on a journey of walking into your calling. God intends to use it all. That pain and hardship that you have gone through and overcome may be a small part of the plans God has for you.

Each of us were given specific gifts and talents. Some of us are using them right now at this moment. God not only designs you for a purpose but also give you the tools to execute it. It’s no mistake you at the job, obtained the education or in the relationship you are in. It’s all a puzzle that comes together as time progresses. Little by little you begin to catch on to what you are living for. Sooner or later, the very thing you were designed for will be revealed right before your very own eyes. Find and seek God first. Just watch what happens next!

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