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I QUIT.......

Can I keep it real with you? The reality of stepping out on faith and following what God told me to do has hit me hard. My expectation is definitely not reality. The desire to just give up has come over me. If you are feeling like this. Here are a few things you can do the shake it off and keep pushing through. But first, here is why you the enemy wants to quit.

Have you ever seen the movie where there is an invasion or a country being overthrown. Often times, the enemy’s strategy is to strike at a point of weakness. By doing this, that place is more likely to not fight back and allow their community to be taken over. The enemy knows that if it strikes at a time of distraction, defeat or discouragement, their goal will be a success.

Think of the most powerful empire. The Roman empire immediately comes to my mind. This community flourished and helped it community flourish as well. I say this to say. The enemy knows that there is something special on the inside of you and that it is deigned to be shared with the world. The more you doubt, procrastinate, become distracted, the less likely you will reach your true potential and purpose. In another post, I talk all the roadblocks that can be thrown into the mix. Its designs is to keep you in the same spot no matter what it takes. As a matter of fact, when we go day after day without doing anything when we should be doing something, the enemy rejoices. He loves nothing more than to keep us in an unhealthy and faithless cycle.

It stops today! Enough is enough. Here are something things that you and me can do to get back on track.

1. Daily Prayer- Talk to God and get in His presence, ask for strength

2. Get Motivated- Listen to something positive and motivational- create a playlist of songs or find videos on Youtube

3. Move your Body- exercise, spend time outside

4. Create small goals that you can celebrate!

5. Channel what you are experiencing to inspire or help others

With these tips, you should be back on your game. Remember this is all apart of the journey. Its not about how many times you fall, but about the amount of times you get up.

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