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For so long, I was always terrified to make a mistake. I’m not sure where that feeling comes from; not knowing something or everyone knowing that you don’t know something. That’s how it works. In order to make a mistake, there is some level of lack. Often times, its the lack of knowledge or the lack of application of knowledge. No one really likes to make a mistake or be corrected. I have lots of moments where I made a mistake that required correction. While correction in itself is vital for our Christian lifestyle, how we respond to the correction is just as important.

Recently I made a mistake that was rooted from a lack of knowledge. I cringed initially as I received the correction because I thought that I should have known this. I was open and received the correction. I apologized for the error and did what I could to correct the incorrect action. This taught me a variety of lessons and I want to share it with you.

Lesson 1:

Correction Exposes Character

Your character is who you are when no one is looking. It is full of your true intentions and feelings towards the world around you. How are you when being corrected? Do you become hostile or defensive? Do you fail to take responsibility? Do you thank God for the correction? Are you intentional about moving forward with correction by changing what is needed?

Lesson 2:

Correction Exposes Maturity

With maturity comes control and the ability to be humble. When you are corrected, how do act? Are you mature or immature? Do you apologize or refuse to apologize? Do you have a dialogue or conversation about the correction for more insight? Do you shut the correction down because you are always right? Do you ignore or refuse to consider other point of views?

Lesson 3:

Correction Exposes Growth

Correction puts on display that a change is required. Whether you need to approach a situation from a different perspective or rearrange a routine or habits. A change is required. I’m with change, you must make room for improvements. Has your response to correction changed? Have you actually acted on what was asked to be changed?

God has a way of correcting us. He will communicate the corrections in various ways: speaking to you, the Bible, or by sending people to do it. For most of us, God provided parents and guardians to help us become productive men and women. Each correction taught us a lesson that helped us grow. God is our loving Father and he is no different. I invite you to embrace correction because it will benefit you in the end. It won’t be easy or fun all the time. But nothing worth having ever is. This is for the person that is going after every single promise and purpose God has for them. Don’t be above CORRECTION. Embrace Correction!

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