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Updated: May 30, 2022

Do you remember that game where you were given two pictures that you then had to match up. The challenge was that you had to do this without seeing the picture. In fact, the pictures were arranged in the face down position. The plot twist was that you had to develop the skill of memory in order to win. Each time you flipped over the two pictures you hoped that they would match and if not, you had to be sure to remember which two you flipped over. This game might have seemed just simple and fun but life has me looking at it a little sideways and from a deeper perspective.

We all have experienced praying for something and then proceeding to wait for the thing you prayed for. For me, praying is the easy part but waiting is something else. Maybe you have went through this in the past or present but it definitely is no easy task. Thinking about the game of mix and match came to me as I was going into my quarterly tantrum in my prayer closet. I was reflecting on how I was feeling and how frustrated I was that I had done this and that and trying to do and be the best I can and how my prayer requests were still pending. Atleast that is what it felt like. In that moment, a gentle thought came across me that said, my faith and action needed to match the blessing that I was praying for. I was reassured that my current waiting was producing what I needed to increase my faith and action. That upsetting call? That cancelled plan? That argument with a friend, spouse, or family member was sent to mature and grow you to fit into the mold for the things that you are praying for. God waits for us to MATCH the BLESSING he wants to give to us.

The problem is, when we are waiting, we become so upset and prideful that we don’t pay attention for the next opportunity to be the MATCH God is waiting for. We also don’t remember when God came through the last time and made the impossible possible. In this metaphor, the pieces of paper or cards with pictures on them are the things we pray for, we as the players represent the attitude that we have while waiting for the perfect match to take place. The opposing player is the enemy and God is watching front row keeping score as well as being the time keeper. He decides who wins or loses in the game based on the number of matches. If you lose your cool and develop the wrong attitude or it is not your time, you will find it difficult to find the matching pictures. However, if you have control when things don’t quite add up or go your way, then you can recover to make your next move. In the perfect timing, all you have ever prayed for will be provided but your faith and action have to match what you are asking for.

Faith + Action+ Wait – Attitude= Reward.

Your purpose is unfolding as we speak. It will require you to develop the ability to wait. I cannot but a time limit on how long of a wait but I can promise it will take time for us all to grow into the big shoes that God has designed just for us. If you are a recovering impatient person like I am. I challenge you to ask yourself these questions and come up with creative ways to train yourself to wait with unshakable faith, ready for action and patient waiting.

How are you handling he wait? Does your faith and action match the blessing you want? Why or Why not? Can you tell us about your MIX and MATCH moment?

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