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It’s not about you!!!

I know it may seem like it’s all about you but it is not. Consider the bigger picture.

In life, it feels like everything is coming at you art so once. You got this and that hitting you from all sides. The feeling is so surreal that is makes us believe that the twits and turns of life are happening to us and not for us. To that, I must remind you that : ITS NOT ABOUT YOU.

Now don’t get me wrong or misinterpret me here. Do I recognize that trials, challenges, and trouble come your way and involve you? Absolutely. Do I understand that those very difficult times cause great grief, loss and pain? Yes. Am I saying that it is all for something greater than you and we should not allow ourselves to become bitter and take offense?? YES AGAIN.

You ever have that one friend they take every single thing personally and makes everything about them? You try to share your insights with them and they somehow twist things around to talking about themselves. Perhaps at every turn, they think others means them. Because they have made everything about them, it makes it difficult for anyone to present new ideas, leave room for reflection, correction or growth.

I think this is a great illustration of how we can become as Christians. When trouble comes back to back and the space around us becomes cramped, we look a lot like that friend. We feel like everything is about us when it only happening to us. We fail to see the bigger picture. We become reactive, sensitive and blind.

In college, I was in marching band. Most of my hours we spent on practice which left little to no time for studying. Slowly my priorities shifted and band was first on the list. As a freshmen college student, I would soon learn that the shift was a massive mistake. Months passed and I got an alert from the school that I had been placed on academic probation and could lose my scholarship. I realized that the unexpected situation Hod sent was happening for me and not to me. It was not about me but rather what God wanted for me. After given it much thought, I decided that it was time to get my priory shift back on. I left the marching band and focused solely on my studies. Semesters later, I graduated with honors, completely embracing all that came with it.

It’s always amazing to me to see how Gods plans for us unfold in various ways. We get stuck on how it makes us feel and how it affects us but it’s not all about us and all about God.

Take some time to reflect on the things in your life that you may be self centered in? Are you making it all about you and failing to see the bigger picture? If so, say this prayer:

God, it’s me. I have come to you laying it all on the table. Forgive me for making what happens to me solely about me. I have failed to see you in the midst of disappointment, deep hurt, pain and inconvenient circumstances. I admit that I may have made plans on my own and did not include you. I correct that and ask for your will to be done instead.I need you and only you to make it. Without you, I am mess but with you, my life is a message. I pray for peace that surpasses all understanding , your patience, strength, and your purpose for me. Thank you for Jesus and setting me free. In Jesus name,


Continue to discover, accept and chase your purpose. We all have one.

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