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It's the ATTITUDE For Me.....

I remember a girl I knew from middle school. She was pretty and popular and not really for the right reasons. But that is besides the point, no judgement here. The thing that stood out most was this expression that she would give to other people for what seemed like no reason. She would scrunch her face up in this seriously disgusted yet sassy expression. If that look, she gave could kill, I think all of us at the school would have been dead. Out of all of her qualities what strikes me the most was her attitude. She was pretty, physically fit, and had a nice smile but you hardly ever saw it. What was seen the most was her aggression that led to her consistent fighting in school. Thinking of this, I am reminded how important attitude is. As a matter of fact, attitude can be at the core of our beliefs, actions, and outcomes in life. In a weird turn of events, somehow, I became acquaintances with this girl and learned that she actually had some deeper positive qualities, but they were always overruled by attitude that negatively influenced her actions and resulted in a certain outcome.

Attitude --->Action---> Outcome

I recently read about the Israelites and their journey through the wilderness. Their process was filled with many up and downs. Just like with my former schoolmate, out of everything, the ATTITUDE is what stuck out like a sore thumb. Like most of us, the Israelites began to second doubt and complain when things didn’t go according to planned or should I say promised. Just to bring you up to speed with what happened: the Israelites were slaves for 400 years. This mean that many generations went through slavery and even died as slaves. During that time many Israelites cried out to God to be saved and set free. God heard the cries and felt the pain of His people. God had a plan which included an adopted child named Moses. Moses is the key to the Israelites freedom from his own stepbrother. His purpose was to carry out this very complicated mission. And Moses did just that! God performed many miracles through Moses to ensure that the Israelites were set free. When they were finally set free the journey had just begun. The same Israelites that had been freed and saved had forgotten all that had been done for them. Where they once cried out for God, now they cried out against God. Here we see cycle at work: Israelites cry out against God (attitude) rebel against Moses, the leader that God appointed to save and free them (action) and God unleashes plagues, opens Earth to swallow up those rebelling, and forfeiting the land He promised them (outcome). Because of their negative and ungrateful attitude towards Him, he went from 0 to 1000 several times. Good and kind Moses jumped in to save them from God’s wrath multiple times. Cool story right! I thought so too!

This got me to thinking, how many of us can relate to this. Have you ever experienced this personally? Has your attitude been that one thing that has stood out and stopped you from the opportunities you desire? Have you burn brides with others? Has your attitude cancelled out or delayed what God has for you? If it has, its not too late to fix things. Here are a few things that you can try.






If you would like to check out the story of Israelites and Moses, check out the Bible chapters: Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. Happy Reading! Continue to discover, accept and chase your purpose just like Moses did. God Bless you!

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