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The raw truth is, you will not get everything that you want. The good news is, you will get everything that you need. Often times, what we want comes packaged in the things we actually need. Have you ever prayed, desired or asked for something you want , only to get something different? When I was younger, all I wished for was a puppy. I imagined my parents surprising me with a cute gift box with a matching cute puppy in it for my birthday or Christmas, just like in the movies! I envisioned having a fury friend that would be loving, energetic, loyal and protective. I created this entire image of what I wanted and how I would receive it. (All of the manifestation guru's, I can sense your excitement)

This desire followed me into adulthood. By this point, I had decided that I wanted a cutesy looking dog. Can you guess which one? If you said a Teacup Yorkie then you are right ! I had expressed this to my then boyfriend now husband. One day my boyfriend texted me about a dog that he was interested in getting. My excitement was short lived when I saw a picture of the puppy. Lets just say, this pup was not easy on the eyes. And it was not a teacup yorkie or anything close to the vision i had as a child. I instantly texted my boyfriend back stating that the dog looked hideous. Harsh, I know. I had rejected the poor puppy before I had given him a him a chance. How many of us are guilty of this? Sometimes you can ruin your blessing worrying about the packaging it came in. I initially overlooked what was sent as a blessing.

My boyfriend persisted in telling me about the dog. A friend of his could no longer care for the dog. Obviously pulling on my heartstrings and dancing on my last nerve, I still said No! All the while, the dog was already in his possession. I will never forget when my boyfriend arrived home later that evening. I opened the door and to see him holding the little guy with the biggest eyes and shivering like a leaf in the wind. I gave in! Years later, I realize that Dutch is everything that I needed.

How many of us have a similar story? Maybe your WANT was not a dog or pet as all. What about a job, person or opportunity? There are lots of us, that wanted to become a doctor, lawyer, professional athlete, spouse or parent, only to get it and realize that its not what you expected. There are many of us that have big hopes and dreams that we wanted to accomplish, only to have them changed by some event. It was at that time that you didn't get what you wanted but gained what you needed. This is all God's doing that is not the easiest to embrace. Choosing purpose over the picture perfect image in our minds is anything but easy to accept. It has taught me to many lessons that I have only began to grasp.

  • God can cares more about your needs than your wants.

  • Walking into purpose requires for you to let go of the image that you have created in your mind.

  • It's a reason for everything but only time and wisdom will reveal that to you.

So I ask you what is that thing that you want? What image have you created in your mind that you struggle to let go? How is this stopping you from chasing your purpose?

You didn't think I would let yall leave without pictures of my son, did ya?

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