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Precious Life & Precious Fight ….

**Warning: The following contains graphic content. Please read at your own discretion**

I received a call from my husband at the end of his work shift, which happened to be early in the morning. I wasn’t so pleased but I could tell he needed to talk. I had a feeling that what he was about to say was heavy. I had no idea how right I was….

My husband is a police officer and he sees his fair share of horror and trauma. (y’all please say an extra prayer for him when you can). I’m not sure how detailed I can be but I want to illustrate this clearly. Someone needs to read this!! He begins to tell me that he was called out to a hospital where a man busted a window and jumped from the 8th floor of the building. While I couldn’t imagine being there to witness this, he continues to share what followed. The man was killed instantly and his body was reduced to that of lifeless matter. My husband described how the body was disfigured and reduced to shattered fragments. He recalls various parts of the man’s body that we were broken, twisted and exposed. What was once filled with life was now unrecognizable as human. I can’t imagine the level of torment this person must have been going through. I know that’s graphic and I don’t mean to be but there is someone somewhere that is contemplating taking their life right now. I know you may have thought about or feel like ending it all right now. I beg you not to.

Dear Person who is Contemplating Suicide When They Have Had Enough,

I see you and God sees you too! Ask you have been through is not in vain. God wants me to tell you that you mean alot to those you have encountered and not even realized. You mean the absolute most to Him.I will not pretend to personally understand all that you are going through but my heart goes out to you. I applaud you for fighting hard to be here today. I pray that you keep on fighting long enough to see the finished product you will become. YOUR life is precious and is meant to do great things. It may seem unbearable and you want the pain to end, please give it to God. The enemy wants nothing more than to kill you and lie to you. Don’t let it win. This world needs you.

Maybe you don’t believe in God or have lost your way. It is okay. He believes in you! The strong ones are not the ones you never fall, rather the ones you fall and keep getting back up.God knows what you feel and for what reasons. It doesn’t make him love you any less. It’s not too late to turn to God and seek help. This life wasn’t meant for you to handle alone. God, I ask that you comfort, heal and soothe the heart of the person that this is for. Let them make their way to you for the first time or once more. In Jesus name, may you find peace. Amen!

If you are in crisis and need to speak with someone please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Comment, like and share to encourage someone else. God loves you, YES YOU!


IM LIVING FOR _______.

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