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Purpose on Pause

Lately life has seemed to hit me hard all at once. It’s almost as if all of my stressors in life had a secret meeting to plan their glorious attack. Let me tell ya, it was a sneak attack I won’t forget. You know the kind that forces you on your knees crying out to the only one that can save you. To your surprise, it’s not your friends, family or spouse. It’s God!

That perfectly depicts what I have been going through. I felt stuck, depressed, discouraged and disappointed. I couldn’t will myself to change or get back on track. At least not relying on my own strength.

Here’s where I am and what I did:

  • I had a hear to hear talk with God( here is where I let it alllllllll out) I mean everything. Tears and tissues were in large supply.

  • I wrote down all the things I spend my time doing- this showed me the unhealthy and unhealthy habits I have, distractions were exposed ( I could easily see what’s leading me deeper into the path I don’t want to follow

  • Subtract the bad and add the good ( exercise and prayer are both things that are healthy and getting me to where I want to be. The goal would be to become stronger and more discipline in there areas. Watching tv and movies or Instagram usage must be eliminated, the more I use the less I get done.

  • Find a word/ daily devotion that resonates to what I am going through ( I read about Ruth)

  • Recommit your love and trust to God and what he wants you to do. ( God wants to hear if you’re still on board)

It felt like everything had been put on hold including the very thing I had been called to do. Have any of you experienced this? Do you feel like your purpose is on pause at the moment? Why is that? What are you doing to get through it? It is okay if you fall down just don’t stay down. The good thing about being down is the only other way is up but only if you choose to push and get through your trial. Now excuse me, while I make my way to cancel that pause and press PLAY!!!!

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