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Real Talk with God

I am not sure about you but the conversations that I have with God are soooo juicy. Its feels more like a therapy session. I talk and he listens and then I listen and he talks. Recently, the conversations are related to my purpose, marriage, finances and much more. I find that talking to God puts me at ease and helps me to unpack and process the events of daily life. It helps me to grow closer to God, understand his plans for me, and realize what I need to do. I know many of us many struggle to pray or talk to God or hear him talk back. When you are on a path to purpose, it is important that develop and strengthen your ability to hear God’s voice. I thought I would share a convo that I experienced.

Me: “God, thank you for giving me life today. I am not worthy but because of your mercy and grace you granted me one more day! God, thank you for being you and for sending Jesus to save us. God please forgive me for my sins, the things I have said, thought and acted on. Help me to overcome these sins so that I do not fall for them again. I pray for my mind, body and soul. Help me to do your will and follow your plan. Help me to please you. I pray over my husband and marriage, my family and friends. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

God: “It good to hear from you again. I always to love to talk to you and hear from you. I know you have been feeling like giving up and discouraged but you must keep going. I know you have thought about returning to work out of fear but if you do, you will not quench that thirst you have for more. By following your purpose that I have given you, your every desire will be fulfilled. That house, that baby you want will happen. Stop the distractions and focus on the business idea I gave you. That is the answer. This is the season of testing your faith and trust. When I speak to you as I have many times, do you really believe me? Remember the part in the Bible where I talk about seeds being planted on various types of soils and environments. Right now, you hear me but the seeds blow in the wind as you forget and then doubt. This season I am sending your way is designed to make you stronger and more mature. This will ensure you will be the seed that falls on rich soil and able to become rooted in me. I know and see everything. Keep going and take care of getting your business off the ground.”

Me: “Okay, God I hear and I receive that! Thank you!”

I don’t share this to brag or seem super holy. I remember a time where I didn’t feel like I heard his voice at all but rather my inner thoughts or another voice. It has taken time, patience, and practice. It wasn’t that long ago where I used to express that I didn’t hear from God. But little did I know he was speaking to me all along. It was through dreams, other people both familiar and unfamiliar, movies, shows, etc. I hope this was helpful in encouraging you to have conversations with God. He is a great listener and soon you will hear him and experience the wisdom he wants to share with you. Please like, comment, and share any tips you have with talking to God and hearing his voice? What experiences have you had?

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