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Self Destruct in 3..2..1.

Many of us are fighting so many things in this world. Some of us are fighting insecurities, setbacks, loss, doubt, fear, mental health and so much more on top of that! Have you ever stopped to truly deal with it all? To sit in it long enough to get through it??? Or do you do what most do and bury your head in the sand to avoid it.

Choosing the route of self destruction is more like the last option. Are you choosing self destruction? Operating in this way can seem like a defense mechanism but actually works against you in the long run. Personally, when life is overwhelming and loud, I isolate myself and decline attending events. Then it hit me, am I self sabotaging?

If you are procrastinating, isolating, being absent from important events for family and friends, not doing anything, and just becoming numb, you are engaging in self destruction. Notice that many of the things I listed could be symptoms and signs of mental health disturbances. It is also an indication that you may be on the road toward self destruction. There is help! Spiritual and mental health go hand in hand.

I’m here to tell you that YOU matter!!! You are loved and special. Out of all the fancy inventions and discoveries, you are an original!! Yea, I k is you have a lot of your plate but you are still here!! Don’t self destruct, just self reflect!!!! If no one else has told you, GOD LOVES YOU!!!

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