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Small Win Celebration

I recently celebrated being blessed with  another great year on this Earth. ( Happy Birthday to me) My husband went over and beyond to make it super special. I’m talking yall he pulled out all the stops. He told me that it took so much planning and coordination. He made sure that I was surrounded by my closest friends and family. Honey, hubby knew how to put together a grand celebration for a grand milestone in my life. I’m beyond grateful. (Shoutout to God, you did your thang with picking him for me!)

I love a great celebration. In fact, I think we should celebrate more! But I’m afraid I don’t celebrate all of the victories. Most times when I accomplish one thing, I am “in the zone” on the next one. I started thinking about all the small wins that I don’t acknowledge or celebrate. How often do we do this? ….Neglect our small wins waiting for the big win before we feel worthy of celebration. I hereby  grant you the permission ( not that you need it) to….. Celebrate Your Small Wins!!!!   

We all  know how to celebrate the big events but, what about the smaller ones? It is the small steps that propel us toward our biggest victories. We celebrate school graduation but ,what about celebrating passing the test or killing that presentation  in order to graduate? We celebrate marriage with a wedding but did you celebrate the ending of a past relationship or being single before getting married? We celebrate starting families but did we celebrate the healing that took place prior to prepare you for your new family? We celebrate the job or job promotion, but do we celebrate what it took to get there? All I’m saying is, the small wins deserve some recognition too. God is so intentional and shouldn’t we be also?

Someone reading this is feeling they have to wait to celebrate a certain accomplishment but that is just not true. Before you reach that big goal, celebrate the small victories that happen along the way. Celebrate them knowing that bigger is just around the corner. Go all out or be real chill, just recognize that you are further along today than you were yesterday!

Here are some ideas to have a small win celebration:

  • Thank God with Prayer/ Praise

  • Dinner

  • Night out/ Night in

  • Get a little drink( but not too much)

  • Invite friends over

  • Share with loved ones

  • Get yourself a treat

  • Give a gift to someone

Whatever you do to celebrate, do it!!! God has brought you a mighty long way not to celebrate. Keep celebrating your BiG WINS but don’t forget about the small wins it took to get you there. Don’t forget about God in your celebration!!! Cheers to you and your SMALL WINS that turn to BIG WINS. God’s not done showing off yet!!!

Thank you for reading!!

God bless you! Stay Encouraged & Let God Fill in Your Blank.


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