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Starting From Scratch

I was talking with one of my good friends. She was sharing with me how her new job was going. She mentioned how she was struggling to catch on to all the information and systems they would be required to operate within the position. As she talked with the IT department to help her troubleshoot the connection issues she said, “That’s the only I don’t like about starting a new job is starting over. I feel like I’m completely starting over from scratch. It got me to thinking.... how many of us feel the same way? Whether you ate Starting new jobs, relationships, hobbies or businesses, it requires a process where you start from the ground up.

I relate to that in more ways than one. Change is a loaded word! We always want change but are iffy when I comes to the fine print. In small words, it reads: You will have to start over” Some may be okay with that but most cringe and the very thought of it.

If there is anything that I can it would be cooking or baking. It is rare that I cook or bake something from scratch. Meaning making something from nothing. I much rather prefer just adding my own pizzazz to something that has been been somewhat prepared. Instead of making my own flour and batter to make a cake, you better believe that I will be grabbing a cake mix instead. Why are we like this? What am I like this?

It’s the time, lack of control, confusion, and hassle in starting over or beginning something. You find yourself not having the answers and having to ask so many questions that seem to go unanswered. That new job, relationship, or business requires you to put so much into it and it’s scary. Especially when we are coming from a place of comfort, control, ease, and predictability.

This is precisely the reason why we must start over. Many of us are praying and asking for blessings not realizing that it requires for you to start over. All of us, including myself, must be taken back to beginning. In they beginning we are able reinvent, become humbled, and be open to new of thinking or doing. Instead of griping at staring over, it’s time we celebrate it. You can’t see or experience new things and blessings with the same old eyes. Embrace the new you that has to begin again!

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