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Waiting Correctly 101

Waiting Correctly 101

I will admit.. I HATE WAITING! I know hate is a strong word but let’s face it ,I am not exactly rushing to sign up to experience the longest wait time for anything. Waiting can have a weight attached to it! I would prefer to not wait. I know I am not alone in this. In fact, If you are reading this, I know you are with me in this anti-waiting protest.

I have lots of experience in waiting. I’m sure you do too! In all my years of waiting, the most frustrating part is being promised something and not knowing when you will get it. This has to be the worst! God has us all in a waiting room! We all have been given our number and wait times… the only problem is we can’t see our wait times but we have our numbers. Most of us think that because we have our number, it will be called in order. The only thing is, it’s God’s order in which our number will be called and our wait will be over. The problem with most of us is we see and hear others numbers being called and we think: “I got here before them so how are they called before me or they got here after me so I should be next in line…..” when in reality, you have no idea how long or how far they are in their wait.

I recently visited a medical waiting room area. This wait length was 3 hours. Too long, in my opinion. I watched as people waited that were there before me and as new people came in to start their wait. Now, I had no idea what they were waiting for but I was aware of the reason I was there. I waited my time by focusing on other things to pass the time. I stopped focusing on the weight and I focused what I could do while I waited. Once I did that, time flew by and I had waited my 3 hours. At the end of my time, I noticed I was still waiting and this is where I started to get antsy! I saw those same ppl that came before and after me get called. I had an issue with those getting called who arrived after me. I approached the reception desk and asked for a status update. She told me: “you have three more ppl in front of you.“ I didn’t think that was so bad. Three ppl later… I was still waiting. My irritation started to build!! I asked for another update to see why 3 ppl later ,I hadn’t been called…. The lady replied in the most polite way possible. “These other ppl going ahead of you had appointments and have been waiting long before you got here. These ppl also are being seen for things that are different from why you are here. “For some reason that stuck with me and got me thinkbig hard! See there, the difference in waiting. Waiting patiently and impatiently. Either you choose the weight or to wait! Which will you do?

How do you wait correctly? In order to wait correctly you must,

Willingly Accept Instruction in his Timing. What does that mean? Not only is it an acronym for WAIT but it is speaking in the type of attitude we should have while we wait. It’s what you do and how you do that matters hear. Let’s go deeper. Keep watch over these things to truly make sure you waiting correctly:

W- why




Go through this when you feel you are in need of practicing to wait correctly. There’s no getting around it, we all will have to wait at some point in our lives. We can choose to not allow the weight to add weight on to us. Right now you are waiting on something or someone. You are anticipating your number being called. Many people are getting the things you are waiting for and I know it’s frustrating. When it’s your turn, there be nothing that will interrupt your number being called. Be on guard and stay alert. Focus on you. Your wait is almost over!!!

Continue to discover, accept and chase your purpose. God bless you, YES YOU!!

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1 Comment

Aja Scott
Aja Scott
Aug 17, 2021

Omg! This is a great way to look at it, I have been in the process of waiting for something and I just prayed that God give me the patience. Thank you for this, many people struggle with this and I’m one of them. One thing we don’t realize is Gods calculation of time and ours are totally different. Years for us can be hours for him. I will willingly accept instruction in his timing!❤️

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