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Why Do We let Fear Win?

Fear is the psychological and physiological response we have to a perceived threat to avoid an expected outcome. Experiencing fear is not the problem but allowing it to talk you out of doing what you are called to do is. It is a healthy part of being human that we may feel fear but how much does it influence what we do or decide not to do. As a kid, I had a fear of the dark. If I’m honest, complete and total darkness still gives me the creeps. Years ago, when the lights were turned off to go to bed, my heart would begin to race and my mind would begin to imagine all of these awful things that could happen because I was in the dark. These thoughts and images felt so real until I was overcome with fear. The three options that we all get come into play: fight, flight or freeze. Every single time, I would choose flight and take off running down the hall to my grandmother’s room that was well lit and safe. This rings true for most of us. Our purpose feels uncomfortable and incites a sense of fear in us. We overthink about the worse case scenarios that could stem from this perceived threat. What if I commit and I fail? What if I make a fool of myself? What if everyone figures out that I don’t have it all figured out? As a result, we weigh ourselves down into believing that the fear is real, not realizing that it was meant to grow and develop us. We either freeze up or take flight and run away.

Now I get that darkness may not be your fear. Perhaps you fear failing, concerned about what others will think, or just don’t feel like you are enough or have what it takes. If no one else has told you this: YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE UNIQUE! YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU NEED TO BE! Maybe fear has gotten in the way of you following your calling or purpose. It is okay. It happens. You may be asking why. Fear, what’s good? Who invited you? Why do I let fear win? Why do I let you talk me into quitting or not starting?

Simply put, fear is the line that divides you from your present test and your future testimony and victory. As annoying as fear seems to be it is also safe and certain. It is way easier to want to stay in the fear of the known than the fear of uncertain or unknown. We cling more to what we can control. If you dream about what God has called you to do. It cost less to just stay dreaming and hoping but never acting upon those dreams. That is free. But the cost goes up the closer you actually get to making that dream a reality. Fear wins because it makes you believe the threat is real when it is not. My calling led me to leave a good job with benefits, and great colleagues. Before I took the plunge, fear slid into my ear and dished all kinds of insecurities and negative self-talk. This lead to self doubt, fearing failure and what other people thought. Months later, I finally took the step to follow what God was nudging me to do. Instead of choosing flight or freeze, I choose to fight the lies of fear. I’ve decided to let the faith speak louder than the fear. Lets decide today to no longer let fear win!

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