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Last week, I caught up with a very close sister-friend of mine. I missed her call while in the middle of something at work . As I looked at the missed call and follow up text, I was anxious about what the call could be about. Was this an emergency, did something good or bad happen? My mind raced as if I heard those dreaded words, “we need to talk”. I called back as soon as I got a spare moment.

She began telling me about a work event that was coming up. In true sister-friend fashion, she began brainstorming what she should wear, how to wear her hair and so on. The tricky part was she had recently styled her hair in a protective style adorned with maroon colored dreadlocks. This had her a little on the fence if she should keep or change the style to fit the aesthetic of the work event. After all, it’s no secret, that in corporate settings, there is a norm around attire and what it and is not professional. She began to second guess her hair choice and it was apparent that she was trying to assimilate. God calls us to do the exact opposite. In fact, God wants us to be so different from everyone else that it’s hard to confuse you with them! It made me think of Romans 12:2- “Do not conform to the ways of the world , but be transformed of the renewal of your mind. “ This echoed in my mind as I thought of this, because not only was this for my dear sister but it was also a reminder for me.

Like the sister-friend I am, I went on in to encourage and uplift her. I told her that she was enough and did not need to change herself. I told her to go as she is because that’s what God wants for us all.I told that God made her to stand out.

I told my sister- friend and now I am telling you. Don’t change who God has called you to be. If you dress, talk, walk, style your hair different, then do that!!! We devalue Gods masterpiece when we try to look like it blend in with others. YOU ARE ENOUGH!There is someone looking at you and saying there is hope for them. Embrace who you are and what you are! Don’t dim your light. Get your shine on!!

Continue to discover,accept and chase purpose. We all have one.

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Hope this was a reminder of how unique God made you! Thank you for reading😘


Aja Scott
Aja Scott
Oct 26, 2021

I needed this encouragement today!!🥰

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