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What if God specifically called purpose to make its way to you today? During its journey to you, there was a huge wall blocking off its ability to reach you. Purpose reported back to God that there was an interference and therefore was not able to reach you. This is a true depiction of how we can become so disconnected. There are many of you reading this that you know you were called for greater. You have that idea that seemed to come out of nowhere that will be a blessing to so many. You have that desire to serve a certain group of people. You may even have a testimony that someone right under your nose needs to hear. No matter what, you can’t seem to shake it off. But you are holding onto it, putting it on a shelf, and locking it away. If no one else has told you, I am here to tell you, YOU ARE IN THE WAY! And I know that this is not intentional but in order to access your true potential and purpose plus so much more, you have to move out of the path of purpose and let it in! Let it reach you.

Who cares what the whispers of fear, doubt, approval and pride have to say. What if I fail? What if people don’t understand or like it? What if you don’t? What if they do? You will never know if you don’t even start or try. I know how it feels to be in your own way! Simply put, it a vicious cycle of disappointment and dissatisfaction. Think of it this way, whenever there is a blockage in our bodies, it can cause buildup of things that should have passed through during a critical process that enables the body to function at its best. As a matter of fact, when a blockage has occurred, it does more harm than good. It takes up space and crowds the place where something new and freeing should be happening. If you don’t move, you will be standing still for the rest of your life. It always cracks me up, when that you have known in your previous years comment on how you have changed. In my head, I think, well DUH. Nothing worth value ever stays the same.

Answering the call to purpose is a lot like that. There comes a time where it makes sense as to what you were put here to do. But if you have all of things excuses as to why not or why you can’t right now than make room for an incoming and ongoing cycle. The great thing about God is, He has time to bring you back to the same call until you answer and discover all he has for you. The tricky part is, saying yes and allowing purpose to have full access the first time! If purpose was sent your way today, what would be the report? Access denied? Access granted?

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